Ten Amazing Flowers in Tropical Area

Nothing to describe about 10 flowers as they are called differently by local people here. Enjoy the short video.Source:Chan Then

Dogs Chase Snake

Watch again this video with two dogs vs snake. It makes you a lot of fun to watch. It's good to have dogs to...

Funny Dogs vs Lizards

Two dogs were in searching lizards in a bush> However, lizards were safe. Watch this short video.Source:Chan Then

Funny Family on The Tree Part 2

Here was not much food to find in four minutes. Enjoy video.Source:Chan Then

Funny Family on The Tree

Just a few words to tell you as I saw a family of monkeys on my way to buy my breakfast and then took...

Amazing Shuttlecock Shows

Shuttlecock game is nearly forgotten by people especially in country side or at schools. This video, the 3rd play was in group of many...

Lives on This Tropical Planet How!

Watch the whole video: 3- Red ants were going to fix their net on the tree. 2- Gecko was sitting on the roof of...

Dogs Meet at The First Time

Dogs naturally made friends at the first time after showing strength and even trying to monopoly within the group.Source:Chan Then

Funny How to Improve Combating Skills of Buffaloes

It's not such angry fights, but it seems that two pairs of buffaloes are showing combating skills.. Enjoy full video.Source:Chan Taen

Funny Badminton Kicked

Badminton kicking is a trained exercise for people, but not so many of them who can lay-down and kick at the right target. Watch...